Speed Limit not displayed on Map screen


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Vail, AZ, USA
We recently traded our 2013 GLK350 4-Matic for a new 2019 GLC300W. On the GLK navi map screen, the speed limit limit was usually displayed on the map, whether you were using navigation or not. On our 2019 (with latest Ver 12.0, 2018/2019 map software), the speed limit display is nowhere to be found. We do not have the Distronic option on our car. Is there some setting where you can set it up display the speed limit info on the map, constantly? It seems like a no brainer to have the speed limit displayed by default. There is information in the 4 corners of the screen and I think that the Speed Limit info would be more useful than some of that info. Any ideas on how to get the Speed Limit to display on the Map screen? Thanks.